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Innocence Gone
Innocence Gone
In the blink of an eye
It’s ripped away
You can never get it back
The innocence you never
Thought you’d lose
And still the world
Goes on and on
All around you
Refusing to stop for anything
You lay there
Innocence broken, lost
The world stands still
Frozen in that moment
As if to commemorate
The death of a
Beauty long gone
Pain almost too much to bear
Innocence Gone
Stolen from the sweet
Torn to shreds before
Your very eyes
Lips shake in shock
Body unable to move
Your mind cannot process
The pain is too great
Years pass, the memory locked away
Somewhere far and dark
The key drowned deeper and deeper
Further down in the water
A secret never told
A hurt far too great to share
You kept your lips
Sealed yet still shaking
You covered it, hid it
No one ever asked
Believing the lie you told
Never digging deeper
Never seeing below the surface
For a time, the hurt turned to anger
Unforgiving and bitter
But no more, replace pain
With love far greater
Do not forgi
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Darkness Turns to Light
An Angel in Darkness
Calls my name
Asks me how I see him
The way he is
The place he is at
My answer is nothing
But truth
And so I tell him
"I see you as an Angel
An Angel who has lost his way"
He brightens, having become hopeful at my words
He asks me to help him
Find his way back
I offer him my hand
Which he takes, hesitantly
Complete opposites
Connected by the same force
I am fire
He is ice
Away from Darkness
Toward the Light
That he was never able to see before
Ice begins to melt
Little puddles of blackness gather around us
What is left underneath
Is something beautiful
A heart of Gold
A mind, sharp as a sword
An Angel in his True form
I watched the Darkness turn to Light
:iconconquer-time:CoNqUeR-TiMe 1 0
Not Enough Time
Not enough time to take it all in
One breath short of saving a life
Two beats gone
Three words could have stopped it from happening
Four more tears fall onto your face from mine
Five police cars pull up to check the damage
Six too many seconds in the water
Seven days ago, you made your choice to take your life
8 ways you thought of
9 possibilities to make them all seem like an accident 
10 more hearts the would trade their pulse for yours
Three words could have stopped it from happening
Please forgive me
Stay with me
Don't hurt yourself
Please come back
I miss you
I love you
:iconconquer-time:CoNqUeR-TiMe 1 2
All Hollows Eve
All hollows eve does wild things to those who fight to keep the evil within them from winning. Watch your emotions and your thoughts as closely as you would watch a loved one who wants to hurt themselves. Keep your eyes open for evil coming from the outside, as well as the inside. Do not let it win. Take matters into your own hands. Because today, this day of darkness, you are open and vulnerable. But you also have the power and the ability to tear that evil apart. Shred by shred. All hollows eve beacons to your evil. Don't listen. Hold your ground and don't you dare run. It will follow you. You must show the evil that you are not afraid. Push against the darkness and find your light. May it lead you through this dark day and past the blackened night. So that you may see the light of day once more. Happy Halloween my dears.  
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The tears began to fall, just as soon as you let me go
Hot and salty, down my cheeks.
The world seemed to come crashing down
All around me, in, simply, that one moment.
Every bright light in my life, snapped off.
You having always been the brightest.
Words form in my mind, wanting to be told.
But they will never make it past my lips.
For they are sealed, to hold back secrets.
To stop the taste of bitter-sweet tears.
All the while, I must bite my tongue
To catch the words, before they escape my lips.
Watching eyes follow me as I go,
People all asking the same question.
But they ask the wrong question, don't
Ask me what is wrong. It would take me
Days and days on end to answer.
Instead, ask me what's right.
The mask I wore to hide the pain
Has broken, shattered, left in shards.
The pieces lay in the palms of my hands.
I foolishly try to put them back together.
Sharp edges, like broken glass, scrap my
Skin, ready and waiting to draw trickles of blood
I let the pieces fall, hit the g
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Tonight, I will forget everything.
All the hurt, all the troubles.
Tonight, I will escape.
Run away from my thoughts
Race with the winds
Past all the empty stares
The crumbling buildings
Faces blurring into nothingness
Until I find you
I ask that you come with me
Follow me to a haven
Like no other
A place where there is
No worry
No pain
No hatred
Tonight, we take our leave
From this accursed world
Are you ready?
No looking back
Not this time
Nothing to keep us bound here
Tonight, you take my hand
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The words tumble around in my head.
Scratching the surface of my subconscious. 
Bumping up and down. 
Swerving around my thoughts. 
The words I want to say, but can't. 
Everything I want to let out. 
Everything that's been bottled up inside me for who knows how long. 
The words tumble. Trying to find a way to get to me. 
I know they are there.
But I just can't seem to find them at the right moment. 
When I need them most, they escape me. 
Slip right out of my fingers. 
To think these words are all I need to put myself at ease.
With these words, I will be calm. 
The words tumble. Around and around minds. Never staying in one place long enough to be captured. 
The words tumble as they please. 
:iconconquer-time:CoNqUeR-TiMe 1 0
Do you still think about me? 
Would you believe I remember your birthday? 
What's on your mind right now? 
Me with you? 
You with her? 
I still want to know. 
Did you really love me? 
Or did you just give me an empty promise?
I'm trying to be patient, trying to wait until you're ready to try love again. 
But I don't know how long I can go on hurting like I am. 
Are you hurting? 
Because of me?
Because of her? 
Who did you turn your back on?
These are the questions I would die to ask you.
But you won't give me the chance.
:iconconquer-time:CoNqUeR-TiMe 0 0
Not to Fall Apart Again
You say you're trying not to fall apart again.
But you keep going back to what hurt you in the first place.
I don't understand why.
If I was in that situation, I'd steer clear of what hurt me.
But you're not me, right? 
You told me you loved me. You said you wanted to hold me and kiss me.
But you haven't talked to me. You are going back on everything you said.
You trying to go back to her. And I don't like it. 
I just want to know.
Honestly and seriously.
Did you mean a single thing you said to me?
Was every word a lie?
Do you think I'm stupid?
Was all this some kind of joke to you? 
But no.
If any of this-any of it at all-meant something to you,
I want to know.
I want you to stop keeping things from me.
I want you to stay away from her. 
I want to know that you really do love me. 
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Alright. So lately I've been checking in on a lot of my friends. One friends grandmother died. Another was kicked out of her house by her mother. Another is letting her ex boyfriend n current bfwb (best friends with benefits) hurt her heart. And one of my best guy friends isn't talking to me. And lastly (at the moment) my love is still getting through a heart break. His girlfriend of one year broke up with him again. For good.

But, see, the thing is, no one is really checking in on me.
I argue n fight with my brother, yell and scream and argue with my mom. I somehow piss my dad off everyday. My best friend isn't talking to me. My love stopped opening up to me. I'm stressed with school n home. I can never seem to make my mom happy with me. I make people mad at me everyday. I am simply unhappy with myself.

I'm close to the edge and I'm starting to think it'd be better for me to just jump. Into freefall. Into chaos. Into numbness. Into whatever it is that awaits me.

Save me.

Love, Conqure.
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I am a person that enjoys just plain random stuff. I don't think there are any certan things I like. Something you don't hear everyday? I was born in Cairo, Eygpt on July 21. I like music, anything that sounds good to me. I love Siberian Huskies. I'm always up for a challenge. I do NOT like the concept of time, that's why my user name is CoNqUeR-TiMe. Though I love the concept of forever, it just seems like something that is worth it.
My personal quote: We Be Bored

Current Residence: Covina
Favourite genre of music: Pop
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch Generation 4
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse
Personal Quote: We Be Bored


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